Financial Information Exchange API

Customize your trading experience with our API and FIX CTCI solutions.

Build Your Own Trading Application

  • IB API – Build a complete trading application that connects to our advanced order routing and trading system using our IB Application Programming Interface (API):
    • Choose from among several available IB API programming languages, including Java, .NET (C#), C++, ActiveX or DDE.
    • If you’re a beginner API programmer, use our DDE for Excel API sample as the basis for your DDE-based trading application.
    • The IB API requires no additional technical overhead.
  • FIX CTCI – For clients with the knowledge of and resources to support FIX CTCI, a robust, industry-standard solution.


FLB’s low latency FIX API is one of the best API solutions available today

We offer processing speeds under 100 microseconds and the capacity to handle up to 10,000 orders per second.FLB will connect you directly to a Trading Engine via multiple channels using industry standard FIX 4.2 protocol. Through our integrated solutions, FLB clients can easily manage their trades, monitor positions and impose compliance and pre-trade risk controls.

Key features:

  • Processing speed under 100 microseconds
  • Send up to 10,000 orders per second
  • All US and Canadian equity symbols supported
  • US single leg options and complex options supported
  • Multi-broker, multi clearing firm support
  • Access all STT execution partners through one connection

Risk management:

  • Buying power and margin controls
  • Per order contract size and notional value controls
  • Max loss controls
  • Order Management via Risk Manager GUI
  • Order Management via Risk Manager GUI


Get Market Data and Chart Data

  • IB API – Subscribe to and view market data through your custom application while taking advantage of Trader Workstation, our innovative trading platform.
  • IB Gateway – Connect to IB market data in a seamless experience with a minimal interface.
  • WT Web API – Add market data and chart data to your custom trading interface or website.


View Your Account Data

  • Access all of your critical IB account data, including positions, balances and margin requirements, through your own custom IB API application.
  • Use IB Gateway to access your account data in a seamless, minimal interface.
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